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Helialoves presets are my own tools to give that perfect final touch for my photographs. Photographs that won’t outdate and will highlight the walls of my customers homes forever.

Helialoves presets are especially designed to embrace beutifully the natural light and fair scandinavian skin tones. These presets are best suited for organic style of newborn photography with authentic, white studio setting.

After years of building my own presets I’m finally proud to share my favourite one click tools to create natural finish with fresh & clean whites, delicious creamy & natural skin tones with soft shadows and faded blacks.

Things I especially love in my presets:

Helialoves 01 gives your images the perfect touch of magic with pure whites and neutral warm overall look. This one is for you who love natural finish.

Helialoves 02 is for you who love deep shadows with just enough contrast to make your images to pop without compromising natural skin tones.

Helialoves 03 gives your images romantic touch and it’s personally my most used one! It has soft ethereal vibe with touch of film.

Helialoves 04 embraces the greens and calms the newborn skin. Perfect choice for family photographs to balance every members skin for cohesive end-result.

Helialoves 05 was designed to neutralize those orange and red skin tones of babies without losing color and vibrancy. No more tweaking sliders or using complicate photoshop actions to calm jaundice! Pure whites.

Speed up your post- work flow and make your photographs to stand out!

It has never been easier to edit newborn skin!


HELIALOVES bundle 1 includes 5 color presets & 5 BW presets that will help you create consistent galleries for your customers to love & cherish forever.

Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw presets are compatible with:  Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4 ja Photoshop CC & CS6.


Tested to work seamlessly for Canon & Nikon files.

Due to the digital nature of products no refunds are given. Instructions of installation included in your zip-file. Heliavisuals is not responsible of installation of presets.



Words of wisdom from my beloved colleagues. Thank you for giving me your precious time to test & review my presets.

Thank you for your support and testimonials! I hope you enjoy your new presets as much as I do in my post-work. I hope these presets help you to enjoy your seamless editing process and most important to save your work hours to spend it with family & friends instead of your beloved screen.


thank you! hugs & kisses!


Helialoves presets give me beautiful, very natural skin colour. No more tweeking orange slider! These presets will bring you fresh whites without compromising colour or contrast. Presets have cut my editing time to half and this bundle works so well together! These will give your images lovely artistic look with beautiful, soft grain and natural tones. Helialoves 02 is my new go to preset, love it’s contrasty but still soft and clean look! You can see these presets are specifically designed for newborn skin and BW presets are no exception, they give you bold blacks with variety of different styles. My favourite is BW 01 which gives you soft but bold look! These presets are definitely one click, all I needed to do was adjust my wb and exposure and voila! I highly recommend these especially if you shoot on white and love natural skin tones.

natural light, Nikon


I’ve tried so many presets since I started with newborn & maternity photography and I can say they work great and sooooo much better than many others! Final result just after one click is so similar to my final edit that I got after many many years of studying and working on my editing! Soft & natural colors and strong & beautiful bw <3

natural light, Canon


These presets are lovely! They offer a clean or more dynamic edit without a lot of adjustments or tweaking necessary. With 5 options for each color and BW there is variety to fit your style. The color presets work great on white and the black and white presets have a great depth and variety of tones.

natural light, Canon